Thursday, April 16, 2015

Art Class: Value

We had our next to last art class last Thursday.  Paul Halferty {} has been coming into our school on the first Thursday of every month to teach our students the basics of art. We have learned all about line, shape, form, color, texture, and perspective. 

This week, Mr. Halferty taught us about value.  Value in an artistic sense is the amount of light or dark in a color.  

This strip of paint samples is a perfect example of value.  It is essentially the same basic color.  Just the amount of light included in the paint gets less and less as you move down the strip.

Mr. Halferty showed the students examples of value in different paintings.  Then the students made their own value chart using only a pencil and ruler.

 Students traced around a ruler to make the box.  Then they divided it into 6 sections.  Each section was shaded a little bit darker then the section before until the last section was as dark as they could get it.

Next, Mr. Halferty talked about using value to create shading in a picture.  He set up a cardboard box and a light for the students to sketch and shade.

Even in the picture you can see that the light made one side of the box much lighter than the other side. This made is an excellent subject to practice sketching value with.

 It has been amazing to see my students develop as artists throughout the year.  Learning about specific techniques and rules of art has helped them become better artists even at this young age!

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