About Me

I'm so glad you visited my blog!  My name is Crystal Gillespie, and I teach elementary at a small school in Connecticut.  I am truly working at my dream job!  I have wanted to be a teacher since before I can remember. {In fact, I used to try to force my siblings to let me teach them, and when that didn't work, I taught my dolls.}  I went to Ambassador Baptist College and graduated with a BA in elementary education.  I am currently in my 9th year of teaching, and I still love every minute of it!

I love coffee, books, Netflix, books, puzzles, and books. {Can you tell which I like the best?}  I am obsessed with any and all teaching items - Post-its, colored pens, pencils, Sharpies, notepads, clipart, and children's books.  I color, read, and watch t.v. for relaxation, and I try to avoid exercise of any type at all cost.

I am a relatively new blogger, but I would love to have you follow me.  I will be blogging mostly about what is happening in my classroom {with occasional personal posts}.  I love reading and responding to comments so feel free to stay in touch!

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