Saturday, March 28, 2015

Teacher Tip #3: Daily Organizing

Last Saturday, I shared with you one of my favorite summer finds for my classroom - the Pen Pal.  In today's Teacher Tip, I would like to show you how I organize my weekly papers and materials.

For several years, every Friday I would copy all my papers for the next week and file them into labeled manila file folders.  I had a file folder for each day in a file holder on my desk.  This worked great for papers.  They were right at my fingertips, and I could just pull out the file and be ready for the day.  However, anything else I needed to use {manipulatives, task cards, games, etc.} did not easily fit into the file folders.  I started having stacks of items piled up around my desk and classroom.

So this year, I switched my paper organization to something that would also hold larger items.

I bought two of the Sterilite drawers from Walmart so that I had six drawers total.  Each drawer easily hold regular size papers.  I can also fit any other items that I will need for the day - task card sets, review games, and math manipulatives. I also found some cute labels on TPT. {I'm sorry that I can't remember who they were from.  However, I found another free set similar to mine that is just as cute! }  I taped them inside the see-through drawer fronts, and so far they have held up nicely.  Plus the drawers fit perfectly on my counter!

Now on Fridays I still copy all my papers for the next week, but I slip them into my drawers instead.  I also add any thing else I am using for that day.  Every morning, I just pull everything out of that day's drawer, and it's all ready to go. 

The only thing I haven't been able to fit in there are posters and my Judy clock, but I can live with that!

On an unrelated note, something exciting is happening on April 2nd.  I can't tell you about it yet, but I can't wait until I can!!


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