Saturday, March 14, 2015

Teacher Tip #1: Lamination Pockets

Teaching is both challenging and rewarding in so many ways.  We strive to inspire our students, teach them to love learning, and help them do the best they can.  Those goals are complicated by the everyday classroom difficulties like messy desks, lost pencils, and desks covered in glue.
 I am starting a weekly linky on Saturdays where I will be sharing some of my favorite teaching tips.

I'm sure many of us use our laminator on a regular basis.  Did you know that you can use the laminator to make pockets?  Here's how:

1. Laminate two pieces of paper the same shape and size together.  The front of my pocket is from my Irregular Verb Tense Sort.  The back is just an off-white piece of paper that I cut to fit. {Don't glue the pieces.  Just set them inside the laminating pouch together.}

2.  Cut around the pocket, but make sure you leave about a 1/2 inch of lamination on every side. This edge ensures that your pocket doesn't separate into two pieces.

3. Cut along the top edge of the pocket.  This time, cut as close to the paper as you can get.  Cutting close to the paper allows your two papers to be opened up.

 Lamination pockets work great for word sorts and centers.  You could also make the center directions a pocket and store the pieces or task cards inside the directions.  I have also used lamination pockets with my students names on them to hold their reward tickets until they redeem them. 

Now it's your turn.  Tell us about your favorite tip to make teaching easier.  Add the following graphic to your post with a link back to my blog. Then add your blog link to the linky below.  Remember to show some love and comment on at least three other blogs.  I can't wait to hear your teaching tips! 

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